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Rogue companies that have flooded the Internet space have writers that are not only unqualified, but are also unethical. This is because all that these writers know is to copy content from other existing sources and patch it up into products that are not coherent and that are filled with grammar mistakes. Such are the products that students who believe in their ‘fake’ advert promises of quality, end up receiving when they hire them. The sad thing is that these rogue companies know that students are desperate for help and are also innocent in their search for services online. They ride on such situations and this causes students a lot of pain and frustration. was born out of the need to save students from the frustrations that fake writing companies caused them. We figured out that the only effective way through which we could solve this problem is to get them educated on the best ways of locating genuine essay companies. For starters, we ask any student who hires the services of a writing company to document their experiences and send those to us. We study that feedback and come up with a practical way of measuring the performance of each essay company. We then use the performance scores to numerically rank the companies so that the best companies can be identified with ease. Performance here is determined by how well the essay companies respond to student needs for affordable, quality and ready to use products that they receive in time. This way, we are able to help them find good, authentic companies and keep off the fake writing companies.

This information forms sections of the reports that we disseminate through this website. In addition to sharing information about the performance of essay companies, we tell our visitors what offerings each company featured in the report have for students. In order to ensure that we get the kind of information that allows us to generate informative reports, we usually send out review requests to students who have used writing services before. In our requests, we ask them to candidly give feedback on the kind of assurances that those companies give customers, tell us how fair and consistent their prices are, as well as give information on the rights that customers are entitled to like reviewing of work or receiving progress updates. We are also careful to ask students to tell us whether they were given results of plagiarism scans conducted on their assignments and whether they got to see any samples of work. Students should also comment about the credentials that writers have and their professionalism levels.

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Our rating and ranking reports feature companies whose reviews we have completed as well as those that are still undergoing the review process. The main reason why we rank the performance of essay writing companies in numerical order is not so that we can a shame those companies that perform poorly. Rather, we are motivated by our mission to make it easy for students to find authentic companies to do so. In a bid to provide as much information about essay companies as possible, we do share some videos below that are prepared by the most credible companies. There are web links as well for anyone who wishes to visit their sites.